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Non-surgical Cosmetics

Sunstone works with TC medical to provide Non-surgical Cosmetics to it’s members.

TC Medical appreciate the advantages that non-surgical cosmetic treatments can have on improving your confidence by helping to create the look you want.

Whether it is your first time, or you have had regular treatment before, we will provide you with a free, no obligation skin consultation to discuss what treatment option would be most suitable for you to you meet your needs. TC Medical provides a comprehensive follow up service to ensure that you are completely happy and satisfied with your treatment.

  • Fully qualified and professionally registered doctors only
  • Free, no obligation, skin consultation
  • Safe, clean and sterile environment provided
  • Client confidentiality ensured

Our Doctors

Dr Christine Coffey MBBS, MA (Cantab) graduated from Cambridge in 2003 and completed her Clinical Medical Training at King’s, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Medical School. It was her 2 years spent at St Thomas’ Hospital that confirmed her special interest in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine and she went on to complete her advanced non surgical cosmetic training.

Dr. Thomas Watcyn – Jones (MBChB, MRCS) graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2006 and after working in the city for a few years, he moved to London where he completed his Core Surgical Training. A post in plastic surgery at St. Thomas’s hospital, London, confirmed his passion for non surgical cosmetic treatments, and it was at this time he commenced and completed his advanced non surgical cosmetic training.

Find out more

If you require any further information about non-surgical cosmetics then please call Sunstone on 020 7923 1991 or click here to request a call-back. Our doctors will be happy to discuss matters further with you.