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The Creche

The aims and objectives of the Crèche are to provide stimulating activities and a sound environment for the age range 3 months to 5 years and during school holidays for children up to 8 years. For children to integrate socially with each other, to learn motor skills, co-ordination, sharing, caring, friendship and respect for others. To create an environment where children are able to be independent within The Crèche itself.

Non members welcome.

If you have older children who need entertainment an exercise please see our Kids Holiday Activities and Kids Dancing classes.

Creche equipment and resources
A variety of toys and activities will be out each session for the children so they can choose from a selection of activities they find of interest to them, for example:

Painting, sit and ride toys, hand printing, activity canters, blow painting, potato printing, leaf printing, mobiles, soft toys, collage, dressing up clothes, play dough, books, jigsaws, toddle truck/wooden blocks, crayon colouring and drawing, cassette player/various cassettes, lego, blackboard, stickle bricks, tot rocker, dolls prams/buggies, kitchenette, play garage, caterpillar play time.

Crèche team

The Crèche is the perfect setting to leave your child safely in an Ofsted Registered facility, with professional qualified staff.

Ayesha Shaikh (Manager)
Zulekha Akhoon (Manager)

We run the following creche sessions:


session 1: 9 – 10.30

session 2: 10.40-12.10

session 3: 12.15 – 1.45


session 1: 9 – 10.30

session 2: 10.40-12.10

session 3:  12.15 – 2.45


session 1: 9 – 10.30

session 2:  10.40-12.10

session 3: 12.15 – 2.45

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To talk to one of our friendly team about the Creche please click here to contact us. Or call on: 020 7923 1991