Emma Rowett

Diet Club: “I joined the Thomson Diet Club in June feeling very low and despondent about my weight and body image. and I know feel great!

I was finding it very difficult to get my eating and exercise back on track after about 2 years of just not caring. I have never been able to diet, as I always felt deprived of something. The Thomson Diet Club is perfect as it is not a diet as such, but more an eating plan, and a way of life.

With my adviser’s guidance, I have managed to totally change my relationship with food and have lost a stone.

It wasn’t difficult to stick to the menu’s set out every week; I am actually eating more now than before I started the Thomson Diet! (Just the right things!) Being weighed and measured weekly was also a great motivation to stay focused.

Deona was really supportive and encouraging which helped me take it seriously.

I am healthy and full of energy. This has effected so many areas of my life, not just physical, but also mental. I also realised how much I love exercise and being active. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants change their eating habits and lose weight.