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Can my colleagues and I get corporate membership at Sunstone Women?
Can a group of friends or neighbours link together for special deals?

We do offer corporate/ group membership and this would be discussed on an individual company-by-company / group basis. Please contact us using the form below, our staff will be happy to discuss our current corporate / group rates.

Sunstone Women understand the importance of a healthy workforce. Health Club Membership is not only an effective recruitment and motivational tool, but translates into healthier , happier and more motivated employees. An estimated 200 million working days are lost each year as a result of anxiety and depression alone – and this figure is only based on verified sick leave.

Sunstone witnesses better attendance and results when friends and neighbours join together. Each encourages the other in her goals , and it’s often lots of fun to come with a friend (but once you have joined a group and the group remains of course you are very welcome on your own).

Sunstone Women offer unrivalled facilities from Gymnasium, Aerobic Studios, Swimming Pool. And as jobs become more stressful, we also offer a complete range of relaxing alternatives including Sauna and Steam rooms, Beauty Salon ,Therapy Clinic and a cafébar where you can enjoy a hot meal and glass of wine [kosher and halal options available]

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To talk to one of our friendly team about corporate membership, call us on 020 7923 1991.