Kate Evans

Diet Club: “I signed up for PT with Deona du Plessis to make my gym visits more effective, to lose some weight I’d gained while I was away traveling, to tone up and become more flexible.

PT sessions with Deona have really helped me to achieve my goals.
I have lost a dress size, 5kg so far in total and feel great!

Having a PT session with Deona once a week really sets up my fitness regime for the rest of the week and motivates me to continue to follow the gym workout plan given to me by her on my own. I find I now use my time in the gym more effectively, and feel that I do a proper workout every time I go. I have really noticed my body changing and toning up as a result.

The food plan completes the lifestyle approach of the PT sessions. It has generally been fairly easy and straightforward to follow, and although there have been a few lapses along the way, it has enabled me to lose the weight I wanted to.’ I have lost 5kg so far.”